Thursday, August 27, 2009

Late Summer Fun!

There are still a few great events in these last days of summer. Hope to see you at all of them!

The Victoria Fringe Festival I just picked up my program guide and noticed that this festival is 23 years old. That makes 23 anymore. In fact, I believe I was 15 at my first ever Fringe performance. It was a 3 Dead Trolls In a Baggie show. It took place downtown after midnight so it was a challenge to convince my Mother that attending this show was a good idea. Eventually she was swayed by the fact that my friend and I had earned the tickets volunteering...and she even agreed to pick us up at 2am. If you had the good fortune to see the Trolls you'll probably understand why I fell in love with the Fringe right then and there. I don't think I've missed a year since.

The Free B Film Festival I love outdoor movies. Outdoor B movies are a particular favourite of mine...and there are still a couple of opportunites to catch one at Beacon Hill Park this summer.

and finally:

A free outdoor movie night in Esquimalt! Pirates of the Carribean is playing at Bullen Park at 8pm on Saturday, August 29th. I am really excited about this event and hope it will become a new tradition in Esquimalt. I'm packing up my lawn chair, a blanket and some snacks to watch this movie and relax under the stars with my neighbours. Please join us!