Thursday, July 8, 2010

Archie Browning Sports Centre Gets a New Roof!

Victoria News - Raising a roof over Archie

Here's a little story I'm THRILLED to pass on. Please check it out by following this link to the Vic News online.

The new roof at Archie Browning is ON time, ON budget and is good to go for another 25 years.

Even better, is that with energy efficient upgrades the costs to operate this facility will go down. Better for the environment AND better for the pocket book.

Well done to all the residents who have worked long and hard to advocate for the grant applications, political will and solid management to see this project through. You made this happen!

...and a HUGE well done to our staff. ON time and ON budget is a great thing to see in the news. PLUS my hat is off to the workers up on the roof today. I've been up there and it is HOT!!! Thank you for all you're doing for us in this weather. Be safe and know we appreciate it!