Friday, September 3, 2010

The Wrong Plan

Township of Esquimalt - Sewage Treatment The Wrong Plan

Esquimalt has launched a new website! is designed to inform residents and taxpayers around the region that we believe the current CRD plan to treat Wastewater is the wrong plan. In fact, on July 7th, Esquimalt Council unanimously endorsed this statement:

We do not support the Liquid waste management plan as is currently stands.

We will do everything we can to change it.

We want the CRD to comply with the Minister of Environment's directives for;

*Appropriate public consultation.

*Reuse of resources generated offsetting revenue to reduce costs to taxpayers.

*Aggressively reduce GHG emissions.

We do not feel McLoughlin Point meets these provincial government directives.

Please check out our website. We need everyone to get involved in this debate. The economic and environmental repurcussions will continue for generations.