Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Talking 'bout "My Girl"

We just returned from a weekend visiting family in Washington. My brother-in-law's retirement party was held at a place called "My Girl Drive-in and Car Museum" in Kingston.

At the end of a very long dirt driveway, that twists and turns into the woods, sits a home that has been converted into a '50's diner. This home has a room full of cars from that era. It also has a room full of pinball machines, air hockey, Foosball and pool tables. My favourite though is the room full of magazines, books and advertisements from the '50s. It is quirky and weird and wonderful.

Please check out the link:

It got me thinking about what makes a place special. Is it the hula hoop contests or the bubble gum blowing competitions? Is it the decor or the collection of original toys and memoribilia? Is it the friendly DJ and staff?

Whatever it is, "My Girl" is a checker floored, neon lit time machine with a glow all its own.

Here's to the unique vision of "My Girl". Thanks for the memories!

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