Thursday, May 21, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

I admit to having been totally slack about updating this blog lately. I've also received some feedback about it becoming too "impersonal". is a note I put on my Facebook account a while back when this was making the rounds. After reading it you may be sending me emails requesting that I go back to the "info only" format! :)

25 Random Things About Me

1. I think that my children are the most beautiful, incredible people on the planet (and that every other parent in the world is just kidding themselves for thinking the same thing)

2. I have always wished that real life came with a soundtrack. I fell in love with my husband when he made us one.

3. I can do the "We're all in this together" dance from High School Musical thanks to the special remix edition DVD.

4. I can wiggle my pinkie toe independently of all my other toes. I have very unattractive feet.

5. I have wanted to climb Mt. Everest ever since I read "Into Thin Air".

6. As a preteen I made my own perfume with a "Fresh 'N Fancy" beauty/chemistry kit. It may be the reason I repelled all boys until the age of at least 16. The braces, the general awkwardness and the excessive blushing probably contributed to my undateable status as well.

7. I have kissed the Stanley Cup on 3 separate occasions.

8. I still know most of the steps to every highland dance I did as a kid. I dream about it in detail. Every once in a while I bust out an Irish Jig and a Sailor's Hornpipe just to amuse my children.

9. The only place I am really comfortable wearing a skirt is on the field hockey pitch. I would much rather wear shin guards than pantyhose.

10. The Princess Bride is my favourite movie.

11. I sang at my own wedding...and kept it a secret from almost everyone before I did it.

12. Esquimalt is my home and I love it beyond reason. I think that Buccaneer Days should be declared a national holiday.

13. Valentine's Day is my least favourite holiday.

14. I consume unhealthy amounts of coffee....but fear that if I ever stopped the entire coffee bean industry would be plunged into ruin. I latte because I care about the economy.

15. I have owned 4 dogs, 1 cat and 1 hamster. The only one I chose was the hamster. The rest just kind of found me.

16. I allow people to assume that my house is messy and disorganized because I have children. The truth is that I just don't like cleaning. I would rather waste time on Facebook than waste time washing dishes.

17. When I was a child I wanted to be a star of the Roller Derby. I settled for teaching roller skating beneath the disco ball at the Oak Bay Rec Centre.

18. It is probably good that digital cameras, reality TV and myspace were not available when I was 21 and thought I could sing.

19. I strive to be an authentic person but I can't accurately recall what my natural hair colour is.

20. I am my most true self when I'm wearing a silly hat and telling stories with a group of children.

21. My resume is filled with unusual job titles that require explanation.

22. I worry. Too much.

23. Some say I laugh too long, too loud and too often. I disagree.

24. Knitting relaxes me.

25. I refuse to own a Blackberry. I rarely use my cell phone. The only technology that I have genuinely embraced is Call Display.