Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finding Charlotte Photography Website

My friend John, of Finding Charlotte Photography has finally launched a website. He is an incredible artist and his photo gallery is spectacular! I think you'll enjoy seeing local places and faces from John's unique perspective. Monday and Focus magazines have both been clever enough to publish some of his photos recently...and you'll immediately see why.

If I ever live out the dream of putting together an all girl rock band, I will beg John to photograph our first album cover. Unfortunately, I haven't even learned how to play a guitar I asked him to do my campaign photos. Many of them are still on my website (which his super talented wife created.) Work that both of them did for the ridiculously low cost of free because they are both uncommonly kind people. Take a look at my website and then send me an email asking me why I look so pretty in the photos and so not pretty in real life. Several people already have!

Seriously though, please take a few moments to check out and view some of John's work...and if you are looking for a photographer consider giving him a call. He is someone I am so much happier for knowing - you will be too!