Sunday, October 12, 2008

Advice From My Daughter

Yesterday I confronted one of my biggest fears. The shopping Mall.

I don't mind public speaking. I'm happy to scuba dive to 100ft. One day I will most definitely jump from a plane. I absolutely hate shopping for clothes.

I need to have some sort of outfit for the All Candidates meetings. Apparently my yoga pants/oversized hoodie combo won't be appropriate.

I brought my 7 year old daughter with me. She LOVES shopping. It worries me a little. She not only knows the difference between taffeta and tulle; she cares.

I kept picking out plain outfits in basic neutrals from the sale rack. She kept picking out items with sparkle, colour and expensive price tags.

"That's not the kind of outfit people are expected to wear to this kind of meeting" I said to her as she pointed out a particularly flashy number.

"Mom" she sighed, clearly exasperated. "You're not LIKE everyone else. Why do you want to LOOK like everyone else?"

Maybe I shouldn't be so worried about her after all?

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