Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gratitude Tree

Each year around Thanksgiving, since my oldest was really little, we've drawn a bare branched tree on a big piece of paper. Then we write something we are grateful for and glue on it on a branch. The last couple of years, we've shared this tradition at the Beans and Greens storytime.

It is always a surprising, humorous and touching experience to hear what the children have to say. This year we had leaves that said, "superheroes" "hugs" "mum" "peace" "daddy being home" "clothes" and even "pink monkeys"

My own personal tree "runneth over" with leaves. The health and happiness of my children, the strength of my marriage, the love of my family and friends.... I am so grateful for you all.

There are also things to be grateful for that I never imagined this time last year: the kindness of strangers who volunteer to put my signs up on their lawn. The incredible opportunity to meet so many new people in my community - residents and other candidates for Council. The incredible team of volunteers that are keeping me on track...

Although it has been stressful at times...I know that this experience of running for Council has already enriched my life. Thank you Esquimalt - I am so grateful!