Saturday, November 1, 2008

Focus Magazine November 2008

In September, I was asked to submit my vision of a "dream city" in 150 words or less. I was excited....but terrified. I can't say ANYTHING in 150 words!

I started writing and at least 10 thousands words came out. With some cutting and snipping I arrived at something just under 150.

This month, Focus published it. Here is what I submitted:

My "Dream City"

People of all ages are active and engaged citizens. Committees and commissions never lack for volunteers. The work is valued, respected and meaningful. Public consultation is frequent. Voter turnout is over 70%.
Development reflects the diverse cultures and values of the community.

Small businesses are places of lively conversation. They prosper.

Sports facilities, schools and parks are focal points. They foster connections and life long friendships. They are never considered “surplus to need.”

Music and the arts are affordable and accessible for everyone.

Public Transit, walking and cycling are the most popular options for travel. Residential streets host more road hockey than traffic.

Local food is abundant. All children have the opportunity to tend the soil.

Local newsletters welcome newcomers. The stories of our history and the possibilities of our future are shared.

We have more than a sustainable city. We do more than just sustain. We thrive.