Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Children Welcome

As a Mother of two, finding safe and inclusive places for my kids to play is important. As a woman who stays up way too late at night reading reports and studies, finding good places to drink coffee is important too. This is why Beans and Greens in Esquimalt is one of my favourite spots.

I am thrilled that Beans and Greens was just awarded an Early Years Community Appreciation Award by Play Victoria for best independent restaurant or cafe. I think Peg is doing an amazing job creating an atmosphere that really does welcome children. She welcomes people of all ages! Please check out for more info.

On this website you can also find The Esquimalt-View Royal Early Years Report - December 2007. It is an interesting read (worth staying awake for - especially if you can make a trip to Beans and Greens in the morning)

The report gives us some demographics and statistics on children in Esquimalt. It lists some of our community assets. It shows us some strengths and some challenges families face in our township. I think that this is a valuable resource.

Below is an excerpt I found particularly relevant:

Factors that Promote Physical Health and Well Being:

• Lots of safe outdoor play areas, both formal and informal

• Pregnancy care (health care, social supports, smoking, alcohol and drug use prevention programs, nutritious food, healthy workplaces for pregnant women)

• A variety of accessible recreation programs

• Recreational opportunities in both urban and rural settings

• Limiting time spent with TV and video games

• Food security programs in places that are friendly to children and families (such as nutritional education for expectant and new mothers, community kitchens, free or low cost community lunches and dinners etc.)

• Provision of accessible health services such as public health and medical care

• Children are seen, and there are places where people knowledgeable about normal development observe children. This is important to ensure any delays result in early referrals to professional services. (Early Childhood Educators, nurses, family doctors, infant development workers etc.)

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