Friday, August 22, 2008

Tales of my Fleeting Youth

My children think that I grew up in a quaint and charming time. No home computers, no iPods, no microwaves and no DVDs. Yesterday, they were spellbound, as I told the true tale of the first video rental stores. Places where you rented not only the video, but the VCR as well. My kids are growing up in a different world than I did.

The point is...I am not young anymore. In fact, I think the only place where I am regularly the youngest person in the room is in Council Chambers. That concerns me. I would love to see a more diverse range of ages actively taking part.

Ladysmith has just announced that they are undergoing a "Community Sustainability Visioning Process" with HB Lanarc Consultants. This process includes launching a new website- designed to maximize opportunities for public participation. In the press release, Mayor Rob Hutchins comments, "We also hope to engage youth through our presence on sites such as Flickr, MySpace and Facebook."

I'm really interested in seeing how this process engages youth in Ladysmith. I'd love to see more young people at Esquimalt Council meetings. I'd be happy to welcome them with my spellbinding tales of BetaVision and 8-tracks.

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